• Interior Design Magazine Best of Year 2012 – Rustic Canyon Pool House

Interior Design Magazine Best of Year 2012 – Rustic Canyon Pool House

Rustic Canyon Pool House

Again, the perfect project for me. Thank you Edie Cohen…. I knew how to swim before I could walk, I spent my entire childhood swimming and diving in a pool, likely spent more time wet than dry…The Rustic Canyon Pool House is designed and owned by David Marin of AC Martin and partners. The project is part design studio for David, to allow him the ability to work at home, and a pool house, with an 25 meter lap pool that seems to float among the trees in Rustic Canyon in Santa Monica. David has been a client of mine for many years, I have shot many award winning large scale projects for his firm. My favorite part of working with David and his amazing team of architects and designers has always been about the attention to the materials and the light, especially the light.

AC Martin projects always bring a source of natural light into a project in wasy that are not only beautiful , but practical and energy saving. For me is is always about catching that moment of the “perfect light”. In this case, the late August Los Angeles sun provided just that… the pool just sparkled, and the glass box of the bath house just glowed, it was like turning on a light switch in the late afternoon. The first time in my career I have actually seen and photographed an owner of a house actually swim in his pool! I think Hockney would approve… Thanks David!

Nominated for Interior Design Magazine ”Best of Year Award” 2012

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